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    Unit 2 - Applying ICT

    AQAThis unit is made up of 100 marks (30%) Controlled Assessment 25 hours

    Your folder is kept locked away in school and can only be worked on in school

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    Mr Benson -

    Mr Morey : 

    In this Assignment you must use ICT to help with the organisation of a talent contest for students. You must complete two Tasks:
    1. Set up a system to help with the organisation of the acts taking part in the talent contest final.
    2. Create a single-fold programme for students and parents or guardians attending the talent show. 

    For each of the Tasks, you must carry out seven sections of work for which you will earn marks. The sections start with Analysis and end with Evaluation of others’ use of ICT. The maximum mark for each section is shown below in brackets. 


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    Task 1 - Act List System


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    (10 Marks)

    analysisOnly one attempt for analysis phase

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    Design (20 Marks)


    Develop a planned design showing how you will carry out the Task.

    Provide enough detail so that someone else could implement your design.
    Your plan should include:

    • details of what you plan to do to carry out the Task.

    You must include labelled diagrams (hand drawn or computer drawn) to show the following:

    • content (and where it comes from), layouts (size and position of content), formats (e.g.font sizes and colours);
    • where appropriate, formulae and functions, graphs;
    • validation design;
    • web pages/interactive presentation links between pages/slides, animation/movement of text/objects
    • an explanation of why your design choices meet the needs of the end user
      • This should explain why you have designed your solution in this way and how this meets the desired outcomes and performance criteria that have been specified by the end user.
    •  a testing plan (should be included here, but it will be awarded marks in the Testing section).
      • State what you will be testing, the data you will input to test your solution and the results you expect to be output.

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    Implementation (40 Marks)

    Carefully carry out the solution you have designed. 

    You must:

    • show the evidence of the key stages of your solution
      Evidence may be shown by a word processed commentary illustrated by screen shots and/or by annotated printouts.
    • add detailed notes to make it clear what you have done and how you did it
      This is your opportunity to demonstrate your level of skill, understanding and efficiency.

    • provide evidence that you have produced a suitable solution including all answers or outputs that are necessary for the Task and if needed:
      • describe any changes you have made from your design and explain the reasons why these changes are needed
      • carry out any changes, if your testing or judgement shows they are needed.

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    Testing (10 Marks)

    In Testing you have to check that your solution produces the correct results. 

    Some of these results may be given in the booklet.
    You must:

    • follow the testing plan you created in the Design section and carry out the Testing
      Provide evidence that you have input the necessary data and produced the actual results. Also showevidence that you have checked the actual results against the expected results and come to a conclusion – this must be clear. Present the evidence of testing separately from your evidence of implementation.
    • include your completed testing plan here
    • describe any problems you find and carry out any changes that may be needed, then repeat the test(s).
      If the actual results do not match the expected results then you must find out why, describe what has gone wrong, and how you will correct it. When you have made the corrections, you must repeat the test(s).

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    Self Evaluation (8 Marks)

    Evaluate your work against your recommendation and design criteria you listed earlier, state wether it has been met and describe how it was met and what could be done to improve it further (high marks for suggesting improvements, don't just write nothing to improve!)

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    Report (6 Marks)

    reportWrite a Report advising any other ways the database could be used in the future and how it could be done. (e.g. Online Version, additional fields in the table, queries or reports?)

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    Evaluation of Others' Use of ICT (6 Marks)

    Use a peer's buddy database and evaluate it on one page.

    Comment on what they were succesful in completeting and suggest a small list of possible improvements

    • Does it produce all the lists on command?
    • Is the interface (forms) user friendly and easy to use?
    • Does it fulfill everything that is required?

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    Report (6 Marks)


    Write a recommendation report for how the welcome day presentation could be personalised and enhanced. Explain how it might be done and recommend why.

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    Evaluation of Others' Use of ICT (6 Marks)

    Use a peer's welcome day presentation and evaluate it on one page.

    Comment on what they were succesful in completeting and suggest a small list of possible improvements

    • Have all 4 slides been produced
    • Is the interface suitable and controls functioning?
    • Does it fulfill everything that is required?

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